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About Us

Tailors by Trade, Mask Crafters by Evolution. 

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Our Story

"We just wanted to keep our employees on, now we are hiring left, right and centre to keep up with demand!"

We opened Key Quality tailoring in Ontario 30 years ago, with it, we started building our family of employees.

When Covid-19 hit, we were faced with the possibility of having to lay off employees, and that realization had us pull out our thinking caps and come up with a plan to adapt to the situation! 

Our loyalty to our employees is what turned us on to crafting and producing Canadian hand made masks.

"Our employees safety is our top priority."

All our employees have been set up with industrial machines and state of the art equipment to produce the masks from the comfort of their home, to help ensure they remain safe and healthy.

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Our Mission

We have studied the masks being sold in the market... they are made from stuffy fabrics, cause irritation and skin issues, are big and bulky and are mass produced, with the concept of a one size fits all.

We have come up with a mask which solves all these issues to help you, the consumer.

No more macne, irritated skin, having to pull down your mask every 5 seconds to breathe or foggy eyewear and most of all, no more oversized masks that are not made to fit your face!

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Made from 100% Cotton

Our masks consist of multiple layers made from quilting cotton as well as poly cotton. We offer our customer the option of purchasing a standard mask, consisting of 3 layer + built in filter, or the option of purchasing a mask with a filter pocket, consisting of two layers. 

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Hand Made in Canada

All our masks are handmade in Canada. Each mask is crafted and sewn together by individual seamstresses, from the safety of their home.

Mask Benefits

- Quilting cotton is excellent for retaining moisture, which in turn helps with skin sensitivity and reducing macne.
- The nose strip allows for the mask to "fit to your face", giving it a sleek fit and it also helps reduce eyewear fogging by up to 80%!
- Breathable, light and comfortable