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Reusable Face Masks for Sale

Not quite a fashion statement yet, but face masks are certainly making a point.  With companies re-integrating the work force, schools preparing for a new session, and phase-in procedures in place, the demand for reusable face masks has increased.

N95 respirators and surgical masks are being reserved for heathcare workers and others on the frontlines.  That leaves cloth masks available as personal protective equipment (PPE) for the rest of us. 

If it is important to you to have a fancy name attached, there are plenty of sources, including Prada.  There are also popular companies like Forever 21 and Banana Republic offering their styles.  However, many of these trendy stores are sold out or delaying shipments.

Quality for Your Money

There are the big box stores that are now stocking cloth masks as well as Amazon and Etsy.  Just a word of caution.  Be sure that you are getting a quality mask for your money.  While any protection is better than none, if you are going to spend the money, you should invest in something that will be durable, made of appropriate materials, fit well, provide effective coverage, and still look good.

With that in mind a site you should check out is Key Masks.  Made in Canada, these are constructed from two layers of quilting cotton plus a fiber of polycotton built in.  These three layers can be supplemented with a filter pocket.  High thread count and natural materials mean an attention to comfort and ecology while offering a high rate of protection.

Sewn with industrial stitching, tests show that these masks can withstand machine washing for up to two years.  They are also dryer safe, or you can handwash if preferable.  They are designed ergonomically for a solid fit but still comfortable enough to wear all day at work. 

The nose strip keeps the top as closed as possible and all the edges fit comfortably around the face for maximum protection.  Reports from users indicate that there is less fogging on eyewear, up to an 80% reduction in fact.

Realizing that not all faces are the same size, Key Masks produce three sizes:

  • Adults: Fits majority of adults, from large men to medium sized women
  • Youth: For those aged 9 and older and adults smaller than 5’ 2”
  • Kids: Those younger than 9 years old 

They also offer several shipping options:

  • Standard Delivery (4-7 days)
  • Expedited Shipping (2-3 days)
  • XpressPost (2 days)  
  • Priority (1-2 days)
  • Free expedited shipping on orders that exceed $45.00

They have a choice of colors.  As PPE requirements continue, you may want to select from patterns or colors to complement or coordinate with your wardrobe.  Turn “casual Friday” into “Playful Friday” with one of our shimmering masks.  Check the Collections page from the website to see what is available in your size.

The bottom line is to be compliant with all medical, governmental, and employer requirements.  Wash hands thoroughly and frequently.  Use hand sanitizer.  Wear masks.  Maintain social distancing.  In other words, stay safe.