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Looking for the Best Breathable Face Masks?

Medical experts and researchers are going to tell you that any mask is better than no mask.  However, some do a better job of protecting you from the spread of droplets than others.  At the same time you want to be able to breathe as comfortably as possible at work, hiking through a big box store to stock up on supplies, or just taking Fido out for an evening stroll. 

One of the recommendations we are hearing is for a two-ply mask.  Two layers of high quality cotton works fairly well.  A heavier weight cotton is preferred but even a light cotton and flannel isn’t too bad.  If both layers are lower quality or light weight cotton, this is not much better than a single ply.

Find the Right Balance

It is a good idea to find the right balance between something that offers good protection and yet is tolerable to wear comfortably, including breathing. 

Some things to check out are to hold it up to the light to see if it will be a good enough filter.  A good fit around the sides of the face is also important as well as a good fit around the nose.  If you have a mask that has multiple layers of heavy fabric, it is likely to sag away from your face, lessening its effectiveness, or mean that you need to adjust it or drop it down for a good gulp of air.

Now that North America is in summer, another issue is sweat.  Some masks are being constructed of a moisture-wicking fabric.  This will redirect sweat away from the skin to the side of the mask where it can air dry.  Having a damp mask around your face probably will not do as good a job of keeping respiratory droplets away from your mouth and nose.   

If you find this a problem, schedule a break and find a place to wash your hands.  Remove the old mask; wash your hands, and put on a clean, fresh mask.  Keep a separate bag to handle the soiled or wet mask.  To that end it is a good idea to bring some spares along.  (The same thing applies if you are caught in the rain.)  Wash masks promptly.  The sweat or moist breath that accumulates can breed bacteria.  Be sure to re-wash your hands after handling soiled masks.

Some of the early versions of COVID-19 masks included those that caused annoyance behind the ear or left skin irritated and even prone to acne.  Better styles are readily available. 

Looking for the Best Breathable Face Masks?

If you have any concerns about the masks you are currently using or are thinking about additional protection, look at what Key Masks have to offer. 

  • They are constructed of two layers of quilting cotton plus a filter of a poly-cotton blend.
  • An optional filter pocket is available.
  • The nose strip is designed to have the mask fit closely to your face for maximum protection.
  • Customers report a significant reduction in fogging eyewear.

Check out our website for selection and shipping information on the best breathable face masks.  Contact Key Masks with any questions.  We are here to help!