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How Face Masks Can Help Protect You and Your Children

Now that the phase-in has begun and more businesses and facilities are reopening, it is important to review the reasons for face masks during the Coronavirus pandemic.  It becomes especially critical as schools are preparing scenarios for sessions to resume in the fall and parents need to explain the necessity for face masks and other protective measures to their children. 

COVID-19 can be spread through droplets.  These droplets can be transmitted by sneezing, coughing, even talking or breathing.  Studies are showing that people can have the virus without showing any symptoms.  They can then spread the virus unknowingly to others.  With a mask they reduce the chance that those droplets will be sprayed into the air and toward another person.  Wearing a mask can reduce the chance that those droplets will reach your nose or mouth.

The use of protective masks and maintaining a reasonable distance are physical methods to reduce the chance for infection. 

Children who are infected with COVID-19 often do not demonstrate any symptoms.  But they still carry the virus.  That means even if they don’t show any signs of the disease but have it and they are around older, vulnerable adults, they can spread the coronavirus to grandparents, neighbours, or even someone in the grocery store.

Adults Can Lead by Example

Demonstrating concern for others, compliance with directives, and reducing self risk are all reasons why adults should wear masks in public places.  Explaining this to children will help them understand the gravity of the situation and how cooperation in the community will help combat the spread of contagion. 

Hand washing is still an important preventive measure.  Cleaning hands with sanitizer or washing between locations is a good practice and reduces the reliance on gloves in public.

Discuss Wearing Face Masks with Your Children

Parents should allocate time to discuss masking with their children.  They should answer all questions in terms appropriate to the age level and understanding of each child.  The adult can show the proper method to wear a mask and to emphasize not sharing masks with others.  Reinforcing sessions may be necessary.  Once you are confident that the child understands the situation, you can implement the measures.

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